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Buddha Bag Meeting June 30th: Humanity Movement & Happiness

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Dr Shane Gravity

Facebook Event Page | The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8 | Thursday June 30th, 8pm

On June 30th we welcome Dr. Shane Murnaghan, an expert in the human body and how it works combined with a training in martial arts and numerous therapies. If you or a friend have any ongoing pain issues or an interest in getting your body to work at its most optima level then this is the night for you. Shane is here to share his passion and his unique invention: GRAVITY.

Expect a night of passion fuelled healing and here in Shane’s own words:

“Forgive me, but body mind and spirit, is not earthy enough for me to really appreciate the vital divisions of living. From teaching medicine in natural ways of understanding and discovering the true meaning of ‘gnothi seauton’ the temple of Delphi becomes my home too and If I stay focussed I can achieve great recovery from injury and dysfunctional movement. There are six degrees of freedom, Five elements of organs, four agreements of spirituality, three states of qi, two opposing forms of energy and one life. There are bones ligaments muscles fascia and skin. This journey is an understanding of how injury stays in the body, and the energetic value of ‘change by knowing’. The impact this brings and it’s true existence is not an aspiration of faith and destiny but a subconscious control that benefits everyday living.”

More about Dr. Shane

“When I was older I was fortunate to meet my first martial arts instructor In the Elite Martial academy, Mr. Jo Ryan . A man of great discipline. I started with him in Kendo, but it was apparent to him when I saw a fellow ninja break all the bushido rules when doing kendo, this was a break with protocol, but damn he made it look good. Enter my first encounter with the shadow warrior art of Ninpon Taijutsu. My instructor, then Steve Byrne, was a man on a mission as we all are, I learned much, I doubted much, turmoil and award mixed in equal measure. I stopped for a number of years after treading Takamatsu sensei’s essay on being at one with your Budo. It was real insight, and I grew much stronger for it.

To be in the moment educates your being-ness more than any filtered learning. I prefer to be in the moment than have an opinion of it. You just have to let go and trust — much easier said than done. It’s a subtle and substantial difference I’ve learnt with age, almost as though youth veto’s anything other than heroics. Maybe it is acceptance.

From his Master Scrolls, Master Hatsumi revealed the techniques of the battlefield medics of feudal japan and the medics of the time. These tried and tested techniques speed up the bodies recovery and release injury, that in western terms could not be done. All in a day’s work for the ninja clans. For me it fit well to how I compute things. All of a sudden it made perfect sense. Now there’s a phrase worth considering, perfect….sense.

Now, life is offering me even more good fortune as I bring to market my researched, developed understanding of the body in its incredible sensitivity. I am deep in a mission of interpreting in our crude language and behaviour we exhibit as keys to better health and more natural movement. It just gets better and better, and all the time I was hearing it through The grand masters words, but yet differently, it is all the same. It is rare to be so lucky as to have the ear of one of life’s great teachers and I am so very lucky to be able to ‘make sense’ of some of the things he says. Ironically I return to him recovering after my own serious injuries and have a sense of nervous anticipation. I suppose it is in the end, desire. A feeling of an authenticated life based on wonderful timeless events that you can carry with you always.”



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