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Event: A very special workshop with Lorna Byrne & Mike Dooley

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Full Day event, 

Lorna Byrne and Mike Dooley

Join international, bestselling author of Angels In My Hair and peace ambassador, Lorna Byrne, and NY Times bestselling author, Mike Dooley, for a day long event on how to live better with faith and understanding using your spiritual powers. The day will include Lorna Byrne and Mike Dooley in discussion, along with audience participation through Questions & Answers. Topics vary from the angels in your life, your relationship with the angels, and what their purpose is to following your heart and living your dreams while maximising and starting relationships in your life, understanding money and using it positively and bouncing back from setbacks in your life, including dealing with death.

At this very special workshop you will learn:

  • How to use your Guardian Angel, the greatest gift of all.
  • How to use other Angels (there are many different kinds) to make your life easier and happier.
  • How your Angels can be used to support you in the adventure of life and living to the fullest.

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