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Gratitude in Poetry: Thank You

by Admin

Silhouette of a woman meditating.

By Vanessa Shipman

I am thankful to be here, right now, for my two feet standing on solid ground and for the heart pounding in my chest. I am thankful for the last 12 months, all of them, easy and hard, that oiled that lock in my heart making that key a little easier to turn. I am thankful for the life force that runs through me that connects me to all nature on this planet. I am thankful for the knowledge that everyone is good and for the soulmates you drop in front of me and for the hands to greet them and the eyes to see them.

I am thankful for my tears that mingle with the raindrops to wash away my sadness. I am thankful that I can feel that sadness. I am thankful for the love of others and thanks for loving me. Thanks for knowing that I am enough and for waiting on the other side of that knowing so that I can join you there. Thanks for your patience because this travelator moving under my soul is moving backwards and it feels like it is taking forever.

Thanks for letting me know that there is no rush and that everything is as it should be. And thank you for giving so many portals for finding my own wisdom for seeing the true beauty in all nature, even me! And thanks for those little hands that pull me from my speeding mind, to feel the earth beneath my feet and literally smell the flowers. The flowers whose colours had blended grey in the background of the whirring wheel that is my mind until those small, wise souls drag me back into the place where my own soul resides, to smell the flowers.

Thank you!

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