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Spring Issue 2017 Short & Sweet: A Hidden Gem

by Admin

Creacon Lodge imageBy Paul Congdon

Break those busy patterns. As the old saying goes, ‘if you are too busy to meditate, that’s when you really need to meditate’. After a rest, you return to your tasks with a clearer mind. You get a lot more done and your brain is in much better shape when it’s had a break.

Nap, walk in nature, try Gravity, you name it. Busy has had its day. Rest is the new buzzword.

With this in mind, I head to Creacon Lodge in Wexford, a stone’s throw from Dublin by car. It’s a holistic centre with a unique vibe, founded by Derek O’Neill.

I was welcomed with a lovely raw juice, and listened to Derek tell his story of how he set up this wonderful sanctuary. It reminds me of the Tao Garden, in Thailand. A little piece of Thailand in Wexford! Go figure.

There is a very pleasant sense of peace that pervades the centre from the meditation hall to its quirky library bar (no drinks, only books).

Creacon Lodge has got something for everybody, from mindfulness classes, to a range of body treatments including acupuncture, deep tissue massage, there’s something here for all your needs. They’ll leave you relaxed and ready to get back in the groove. There’s a ‘heart energy’ here, plus for those who like their comforts, the rooms are really lovely. Remember to keep taking those mini-breaks. They work. And if you start here, you’re on to a winner.


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