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We Recommend: Yoga Kitchen on Good Friday!!

by Admin

We love the innovation and sheer classiness this lady Kitty maguire shows: super events, with a seriously good vibe, yoga and Indian food… whats not to like?!

Yoga post Kitty Mcguaire

Date: April 14th, 2017; Time: 18:30-21:30; Place: Kerala Kitchen, Upper Baggot street, Dublin.

Come & join Kitty Maguire for a fun filled Yoga kitchen with the fusion of ballet barre.

During a 90 minute Yoga barre session. Based on yin (stretch/calm) and yang (strength/lively) principles. We will fire and challenge the body with ballet movements at the barre followed by a yin yoga session for cooling, calming and releasing deeply into the stiff and restrcited areas of the body.

Both practisces have a different focus and by fusing these two different styles together there are huge benefits on the body.
This yoga barre session does not require any yoga or ballet experience (this is not a dance class).
Come along and feed your body for an evening of strength, nurture and nourishment.

If you like the sound of this wonderful evening, click here to get more info and book your tickets!

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