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Spring Issue 2017 Short & Sweet: Aloha Ireland

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Aloha Ireland short and sweet

By Louise Kleu McEvoy

When I began my Lomi Lomi journey seventeen years ago in South Africa, I didn’t imagine I would go on to be a teacher and I certainly didn’t imagine it would lead me to establishing a Hawaiian massage training centre in the southwest of Ireland.

Through the twists and turns of my life, it has never ceased to amaze me how sometimes, despite all efforts, things do not turn out the way we planned; and yet at other times, we are gifted something extraordinary that we never believed we could possibly create or achieve. This is part of the magic that becomes our story. It reminds me of the Hawaiian principle Pono, that effectiveness is the measure of truth. When you are “in alignment” with your thoughts, words and deeds, then your truth can manifest in your life. Aloha House is not just a centre for Hawaiian healing – it is a space open for all lightwork, a space for classes, workshops and retreats. Aloha means “unity, harmony, togetherness, interconnectedness, the joyful sharing of life energy in the present moment.”

We chose this name to represent our intention to cherish community, open-heartedness, compassion and friendship. I’m so grateful to the guardians of this land who have opened up a space for me to truly anchor myself here, to create roots for my family and share my vision of perpetuating the spirit of Aloha here in Ireland. Mahalo nui loa! Go raibh mhaith agat!


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