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Positive Nights Presents: Satsang’s with B!

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Satsang B

Facebook Page | Tuesday, May 16th 2017, 7:30pm | Eur 20 / 15 euros concession | Location: The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2.

On this evening we welcome B to the stage!

Bernie Prior, known as ‘B’, is a deeply realised contemporary Spiritual Teacher whose life is entirely devoted to the awakening of All. With deep compassion, humour and uncompromising Truth, B brings the highest universal teachings straight to our core and into our daily life. He calls us to profoundly awaken whilst living in the world. His unique and deeply enlightening perspective and his heartful invitation to open to greater Love in all things will ignite your Heart and Being from the inside out.

This is certainly set to be a beautiful evening of high spirituality!

Delicious cold press juices to be provided by Oolong Flower Power at the break.

Click here to book your ticket! or email us for more info to positivenights@gmail.com

More about B

B travels the globe extensively offering talks, seminars and residential retreats. People around the world come to B as they are waking up from the dream and conditional belief of a separate sense of self. Born in 1954 in England, B’s childhood and teenage years were marked by profound mystical experiences. At the age of 19 he awakened in the realisation of Oneness and at 33 he opened to the Absolute. Within this unfolding he was graced with the rare and profound realisation of the Bhagavati, the Divine Feminine Principle. Following realisation his known life up to that point was entirely shattered. A life of service in utter dedication to the awakening and evolution of humanity began and continues to unfold.


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