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We Recommend: Earth Fest Ireland 2017!

by Admin

We are giving away two tickets for this beautiful event! Simply share this post on your Facebook or Twitter page and tag @positivelifemag so we know!

Earth fest event

Date: 9-11th June – Location: Shalvanstown Organic Farm, near Slane Castle, Co. Meath, Ireland

Earth Awareness | Sauna & Yoga | Nature Detox | Communal Food sitting around fire | Kids Programme | Great Music |
#earthfestnews: Bring your new Earth ideas, dreams & projects,, your music instruments & art, your songs (even if you are shy, bring it anyway, you never know!), traditional communal games, poetry & stories, your skills to share (we have healers team, eco-team, kids team) and stuff to sell & exchange for Sunday market (your crafts)

Shalvanstown Organic & Biodynamic Farm, SLANE, Co. Meath, Ireland | Join Ireland’s Community celebrating!
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Ireland’s new blooming of consciousness emerging through people connection, creativity, love & joy.

Found out more and get your tickets here!

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