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Positive Nights Presents: Enlightening Moments with Author Richard Harvey

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Facebook Page| Thursday, February 15th, 2018, 7:30pm | Eur 20 / 15 euros concession | Location: The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

We are pleased to be welcoming Richard Harvey to Positive Nights

Richard Harvey is a well-known spiritual development coach who aims to weave together the arts of psychotherapy and spirituality to help people arrive at a greater understanding of themselves. He is the author of “Your Sacred Calling: Awakening the Soul to a Spiritual Life in the 21st Century”. As part of his worldwide Enlightened Moment tour, he will be coming to Dublin to speak on the subject of how we can empower ourselves to be the great figures of enlightenment we seek.

He explains: “The enlightened moment is always available. It is here now and closer to us than our own breath. As your birthright, it is divorced from our experience through our belief in fear and the sense of lack that characterises human life. Humanity is at a stage of collective evolution in which its most precious treasures are denied in the activities of delusion. The Divine state has been projected outward onto beings who are merely a creation of mind. These beings have been perceived sometimes to be at the center of some spiritual illumination—a Buddha field or Christ light phenomenon, for example—and this perpetuates the spiritual error that we are ourselves mortal, striving, seeking, and perpetually frustrated while the charisma, character, and enlightenment of others maintains our inferiority and subordinated position. You are yourself the enlightenment you seek.”

He and Paul will be discussing these powerful ideas and exploring how we can integrate them into our everyday lives.

Click here to get your tickets or email us at positivenights@gmail.com for more info!

Richard will also be leading an Irish weekend workshop as part of the Enlightened Moment tour in the Maldron Hotel, Southern Ring Road, Roxboro, Co. Limerick, from the 23rd to the 25th of February. Click here for more details. Richard’s website is therapyandspirituality.com.

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