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POSTPONED: Positive Nights Presents: Everyday Self-Care With Alison Canavan

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Positive Nights Presents: Everyday Self-Care With Alison Canavan

PLEASE NOTE: due to unforeseen circumstances, this event, which had been scheduled to take place on Thursday August 23rd, has to be postponed. We will arrange a new date as soon as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. People who have booked tickets for this event can request a refund, earn free entry to any other Positive Nights event, or be granted free entry to the new date for Alison’s event, once this has been organised. Please email positivenights@gmail.com if you have any concerns.

Positive Nights Presents: Everyday Self-Care With Alison Canavan

If you are a regular reader of our print magazine, you may recognise Alison as the author of our Positively Metaphysical column: offering her sage advice, issue after issue, on subjects such as mindful exercising, the importance of spending time in nature, or learning how to care for ourselves.

She is also the organiser behind the highly successful Full 360 health and wellbeing shows that take place on a regular basis around the country. Alison says: “People are more stressed and busier than ever and we all put enormous pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone, often treating ourselves quite harshly and negatively. It’s time to practice self-care to cope with the demands of our busy world.”

Alison believes in living life according to five basic principles, which she calls the 5 A’s:

AWARENESS: Being aware and present for yourself and keeping an open and curious mind towards the world around you.

ACCEPTANCE: Accepting with grace where you are in this moment, which is the only place you can truly start from.

ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible practices that you can use every day like gratitude, mindfulness, movement and good food to help you on your personal journey towards freedom and joy.

ATTITUDE: Your attitude to life is everything and having a good one makes all the difference.

ALIGNMENT: Aligning with yourself, others and the world around you is important. It starts with your daily practice of going within.

You can learn more about Alison’s work by going to her website, alisoncanavan.com.

During our time with Alison, she will tell us more about how we can learn to care for ourselves, every day, in this hectic world. This fascinating event will take the form of a one-hour interview, followed by a short break and then a Q & A session.

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