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Lifting Health: We Speak to Pauline Cox of Sow & Arrow

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One of our offerings in the new Summer 2020 issue is a chance to win ‘Primal Living in a Modern World,’ a new anti-inflammatory recipe and lifestyle book by Pauline Cox, proprietor of Sow & Arrow health company. You can win by taking a picture of this article in our physical magazine (it appears on page 43), then sharing your picture to social media, tagging us to let us know. Search for your nearest stockist here, or subscribe to receive a copy direct to your door. Winners will be selected at the upcoming Vitality health show in September. Good luck! In the meantime, we wanted to share the article online. Read on below!

Lifting Health

A new outlook on nutrition

We recently spoke to Pauline Cox BSc MSc, Nutritional Consultant, proprietor of the high street health company Sow & Arrow, and author of Primal Living in a Modern World, about the inspiration behind her debut book.

She explained that she took inspiration from her own health struggles.  “As a busy mum, business owner and health educator, I’ve always felt health should be a priority. However, eight years ago, whilst working as a Physiotherapist, juggling two young children and a business, I found myself exhausted. Truly exhausted!”

Pauline’s extensive research and subsequent study for a Masters in Nutrition found her following a new pathway, which saw her chronic exhaustion, poor sleep, anaemia, irritability and low mood replaced by a health she hadn’t experienced in years.

 “I felt like I’d found who I was again. Following an anti-inflammatory diet, fuelling myself in a completely different way, gave me back the clarity of thought, hormone stability and energy that I thought I’d lost.”

Pauline’s focus is now on helping people to take control of their health. As well as being a professional speaker, author and online teacher, Pauline is a passionate advocate of high quality products and supplements. 

“I am a great believer in providing the body with what it needs. In some cases this is not easy to achieve through the diet. For example, I supplement omega-3 fats every day to ensure my brain functions at a high level, providing me with the anti-inflammatory benefits as well as the fats my brain needs to feel happy and focused. My choice is always the highest quality fish oil and my preferred brand is Wiley’s Finest.”

Pauline’s book, ‘Primal Living in a Modern World’, is available to purchase at sowandarrow.com

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