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Our spring issue is out now. Editor Persephone Kianka gives an overview of the phenomenal work Supplement Certified are doing to ensure that health supplements live up to our expectations. Dive on in to find out more…

Supplement Certified

The Gold Standard For Supplement Testing

 by Persephone Kianka

Taking supplements becomes vital for many people on their health and wellness journey, yet knowing which ones to take can be tricky. Supplement Certified is an independent third-party service working with nutritional companies to create this comfort and clarity for consumers, one brand at a time.

In the words of CEO Tom Hennessy, their mission is “to help consumers have positive outcomes by supporting nutritional companies that seek to enhance human function.” Through scientific analysis, Supplement Certified ensure that customers get the highest quality products containing exactly what they say on the label.

They have tested 89 brands from 56 different companies to date, and 45 comply with Supplement Certified Ltd 100% Label Claim Standards. In working with Professor John Nolan and Dr Alfonso Prado-Cabrero, scientists with decades of experience, they are quickly becoming the gold standard for quality in the supplement industry.

After analysing a sample in their lab, they provide a report to the company on the different ingredients present in the product. If the substance is what it says on the label, they will issue that company a certificate, meaning they can now mark their products with a Supplement Certified label. If not, they will advise and guide them on how to improve their manufacturing process.

Not only do Supplement Certified check that the ingredients in supplements are consistent with what’s on the label from the manufacturer, but they ensure that they maintain stability throughout their shelf life.

When we spoke with Tom, he explained that they’d noticed a degradation in the potency of supplements over time. To combat this, they test the stability of supplements throughout their life cycle and only approve a brand if this is consistent.

As Tom noted, the fact that there’s not a lot of regulation in this industry means that Supplement Certified is bringing some much-needed assurance to the table. It benefits the consumer, health store and supplement manufacturer alike as they all now have a valid indicator of quality and excellence.

In being certified, the supplement manufacturer gets a gold standard recommendation, while the retailer can rest assured that the product on their shelves adheres to its ingredients list.

Considering that many consumers take supplements religiously to manage various health issues, this level of transparency is greatly needed.

Tom shared that the parents of John and Alfonzo all take supplements; therefore, they want to ensure that what their parents ingest into their bodies is exactly what they expect. Thanks to their work, customers can experience a new level of comfort, knowing that the supplements they buy for themselves or loved ones will meet their expectations.

While Supplement Certified only certifies product analysis related to declared carotenoids and omega-3 fatty acids, Tom informed us that they plan to expand to other areas and types of supplements eventually.

The goal is for consumers “to be able to identify the products that will give them the best chance of maintaining, or managing, their health.” With their excellent skillset and team of people focused on this, there is a good chance that Supplement Certified will make this a reality in Ireland and beyond very soon.



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