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How to Be Brillaint: ‘Being Brilliance’, By Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace

Being Brilliance

By Dee Wallace


This big light of mine, let it shine!

Being brilliance in this world is not possible if we have dimmed our light, because the light is who we are. And if all physical manifestation happens by lowering light into form through thought, we are the light, that chooses the thought, that creates light taking form. We are, ultimately, the light of the world. Through our focus and choice, we form the world of us, and that world is then pooled into the collective whole and affects the whole. Wow. Big responsibility.

Or big blessing. It all depends on your perspective and your choice about how you want to look at it. And even in this choice, we are forming the light that somehow affects our world, and ultimately the rest of the world too.

I like to think of the light that I am as being a blessing. Hmmmm. I am a blessing to this world. That thought certainly encourages my light to get a little bigger, a little brighter. It feels good and empowering to know we light up life, and, like a child encouraged with love to create his achievement, we want to expand and light up our lives even more.

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I can feel when my light turns down because someone frightens me, hurts me, ridicules me, embarrasses me or somehow disrespects me in some way. I become smaller, I suppose to protect myself. I guard my heart and shrink, or close my heart in retaliation and anger. It doesn’t feel good. I can’t feel the love and the bliss and the high I feel when I live as the authentic light that I am; then I feel….big. In a good way; big and expansive and sure. Sure that I am secure and blossoming in this world. And that is the experience of my life that I choose. I surmise that the C word is the greatest factor in creating the brilliance of us. Choice. It really is all about choice. It is the greatest single action that creates the brilliance of us. The choice to choose, regardless of who or what affects us. Remember, the light is the very basis of creation itself.  Without the light and focus and choice, creation doesn’t happen. So we might as well be the ones choosing what to focus the light on. Because it will be focused: if we don’t create ourselves, we become the created upon.

So why wouldn’t we automatically choose to do that?  Because we have been taught to be small. Some people have called it humble. Being small certainly doesn’t threaten people, and we all know who gets the rewards: the meek. They told us so.

They were wrong. And we all know it. The brighter we shine the more grace of power we can be in this world.  Let’s choose to turn up, shout out and send out the biggest, bawdiest, most brilliant light that we are. Let’s choose to shine our authentic selves so brightly that the darkness simply does not have a chance. Let’s love ourselves enough to be the light of the world. In joy. In grace. And in the power of the light.

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale, and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.


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