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Sacred Sexuality Retreats with Tantra Visionary Dawn Cartwright

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Sacred Sexuality – How We Love

dawn cartwright

Update from Dawn: 

Week 2 has been cancelled, however week 1 still had some space when she spoke yesterday at the Buddha Bag meeting, Sleeping bag spaces are available at a 15 euro per night concession for October 3rd – 9th. I’m teaching the whole immersion around the mystery of orgasm – it’s going to be atomic and there’s an incredible group.

Two retreat options October 3-9 | October 10-16
Wicklow, Ireland
Please note the October 3-9 retreat has very limited spaces left.

In the days and nights of early October, explore the sacredness of our sexuality – the fire that ignites the heart and liberates the spirit. When lived and experienced naturally, our sexuality opens our heart, births creativity, power and freedom, actualising the potential of love in every way, in every encounter. Secluded in the wilds of the Wicklow mountains, explore Tantra, the path of the heart, delving into the secrets contained within the mystical sutras of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Everyone is welcome, this immersion is open to men and women, singles and couples.

The Programme

For 6 days and nights you’ll experience a full program of Tantric meditations, tools, techniques and practices. You’ll also have plenty of free time for hill walking, tree listening, cozying up with a book, dunking in the river, brack and tea, or cuddling with a friend. Journey into winter, discovering Tantric keys to creating sacred, conscious, ecstatic, loving, empowering relationship – with ourselves, our sexuality, our hearts, and the loves in our lives. We’ll explore ways of moving beyond the limits of our past, bursting through into the limitless potential we all hold inside.

You are welcome to join the immersion on any day and you may book 1 night up to 6 nights. The sessions will be composed of dynamic meditations, Tantric Sutras, bio-energetic practices, relationship building tools, shamanic practices, women’s circles, men’s circles, jumping the fire, drumming, Tantric clearing practices, purification in the river, communication techniques, partner yoga, gentle movement exercises, sharing, laughing, celebrating and more – creating a Tantric field of transformation – Dawn-style.

There will be time for booking private sessions with Dawn as well. If you’d like to book a private session enter your request on the registration form when booking.

“There may be a few guest speakers during the week as well, and magical visits from magical beings . . . many surprises in the works. Important to remember, once we get going, the mystery takes over. Rest assured, you’ll go places you’ve always dreamed of . . . if you just let go. I can’t wait to be with my longtime Irish family and welcome new family too.”

Accommodation & Food

The lodge is one of the most beautiful and secluded parts of Wicklow. Intuitive cook Dorene Palmer of Divine Foods creating extraordinary meals in the kitchen. Dorene works with only the best live foods, organic produce, local cheese and organic breads to create wholesome, healthy, healing, out of this world orgasmic feasts. Through Divine Foods, Dorene teaches and counsels on proper nutrition that promotes good health and vitality. After a few days of Dorene’s cooking, you’ll be transformed.

Sacred Sexuality . How We Love . 6-Nights of Tantric Bliss

  • October 3-9 / October 10-16
  • Mucklaugh . Aughavannagh . County Wicklow
  • €175 per night . €350 two nights . €650 four nights . €800 six nights
  • Gourmet Vegetarian Meals & Deluxe Ensuite Lodging Included
  • Friday dinner to Thursday lunch . Residential Retreat

Event Details & Booking | Facebook Event Pagedawncartwright.com


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