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Continuous Creation – Flowing freely in blissful success, By Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace

How to keep the flow of creation consistent.

Creation & Attraction advice

By Dee Wallace

I want to talk about Being Creation. You are. And when we move into total acceptance that this is an absolute truth, our bodies, minds, emotions and consciousness shift into a powerful creation machine that is basically fool proof. Sound too good to be true? Then it will be…for you. Those of us who joyfully choose to commit to the creators that we are, create the lives we want because we create ourselves first.

We choose to be the God that chooses the thought, chooses the emotion (even though we may not ‘feel’ that way in the moment), chooses the open heart, and chooses to hold the focus no matter what. We are the Gods that are in charge of our creation, and then the One Energy rushes forward to support that.

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Here are all the things we need to remember about being The Creator of Us:

  • It’s not a dream or a theory. It is law.
  • It must be chosen now and in each moment of now.
  • There are no dualities. There is the Oneness of Creation and Joy and Love. Period.
  • There is nothing else to fix or know. That’s it. We are complete. It’s done.

What else could possibly be left to ‘do’ or ‘know’ if we truly know we are the creators of us? But if we do insist on keeping that belief, we have to keep ourselves creating the lack and the struggle and that keeps the very drama going that we are insisting we want to let go of. Kind of like being addicted to alcohol or sex or drugs; we can become addicted to “getting better” or “getting there”, as opposed to knowing; we are already there.

The patterns of having and not having, getting and losing etc. show up because we create, and then we stop. This happens most easily at the moment when we have finally created something we want, then we coast and stop creating! Every moment we are creating, consciously or unconsciously, and therefore we must stay in Conscious Creation.

Get up and direct your day. If you fall down, pick yourself up, get yourself out. Choose the reaction and the creation of the reality of You. Direct yourself to Know, to Be Clarity, to Be Health, Be Wealth. Be everything your heart desires. Know it’s not only possible but that you deserve it because you create it that way, consistently and continuously, ever-flowing. Take a moment to relish and experience the freedom of that. Be the frequency of Grace and the be the balance of masculine/feminine and child energy in the radiation of your light. Be the love for yourself that is the Creative Force. Celebrate you, my magnificent and open-hearted friends and people I love.

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years. (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.



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