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Astrology Winter Sneak Peek: Stillness of Heart, By Andrew Smith

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Andrew Smith

A time to focus on what you truly love.

Andrew Smith

Our Light’s annual dance rhythmically spirals in a thrice fold repetitive sequence, taking us on a journey of inspiration (Fire), which is then needed to be brought into manifestation (Earth), before being shared with those around us (Air), and subsequently allowing us to deepen our soul connections with those we love (Water) as we return to the Source seeking replenishment and renewal, as the Light moves back into Fire.

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Between the 24th November and the Winter Solstice on the 21st December 2014, it is the turn of Fire to spread itself through your consciousness. This particular Fire time is about sharing and spreading your light to all those with whom you come into contact with as you are a living newspaper – your stories, your values and beliefs serving to open up the awareness of others.

Everyone contains this moveable Fire consciousness therefore each soul has be ability to share their light. Within this interconnected universe, each of us, in turn, will come into contact with someone else’s light. If the message of Sagittarius (Moveable Fire) is that we are spreading our light, therefore our consciousness, AND we are receiving someone else’s light, the question must be what is it that you are disseminating?

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