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Tonight at The Buddha Bag Meeting: Ocean Essences with Erik Pelham from the UK

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Erik from the UK produces extraordinary essences from the Sea creatures – Dolphins and Whales, along with Butterflies. The essences are made and energised directly from Source, by the Beings of Light who are themselves the channels for these life energies. This October, come and find out more about them, and about how you can use them for yourself or in your healing practice. Erik has workshops coming up in Dublin but his time at The Buddha Bag will make for a wonderful taster session on his work creating and using the essences for healing.

“We are truly in the New Age now and can plunge in with total joy and abandonment. There has never been a better time in the history of humanity to embrace new ways and new relationships in our lives. The darkness of past times is receding quickly and we are all ready for a real Sea Change – literally! For years, dolphins and whales have been trying to get through to us that we are one with them, and as we care for the land areas of the earth, they look after the oceans. They are just like us – just as evolved, just as intelligent, just as complex and advanced. They have an amazing capacity to support us in many vital ways energetically, which we could do if we had the freedom to swim with the particular cetacean of our choice when we needed it. But mostly we don’t have the freedom to swim with the ones we need to, when we need it. This is where the Dolphin and Whale Essences come in. These essences are ‘Master Energies’ in our world that can support us in our lives. They can help us to overcome fears and anxieties and dissolve tensions. You’ve heard the phrase that you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf? What better way to learn than from the guardians of the ocean itself.” – Erik Pelham

eriksessences.com | Upcoming Essences Workshops

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