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Positive Nights Presents: Paul Buggle & Vivienne Cardin in conversation with Paul Congdon

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Facebook page | Thursday, January 26th, 2017, 7:30pm | Eur 20 / 15 euros concession | Location: The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2.

On this night we will explore the world of a psychic. How do they communicate with spirit, what do they see, what event or experience happened in their lives that brought them to this level of understanding. How do they harness the energy into their own lives and how best we all can improve our individual connections to our spiritual selves.

Paul Buggle: Paul is a renowned spiritual intuitive, he has travelled the world with his work, giving intuitive talks and readings across the world including Jamaica, USA, and many more. He is the creator of Intuitive suppers which has been consistently sold out as a unique event in Dublin. His has a caring and soft style that flows beautifully during his readings.

Vivienne Cardin: Vivienne is a third generation Spiritual Medium with many years of experience working with both Spirit and the Angelic Realm. Her areas of expertise include platform demonstrations and one-to-one readings, along with teaching workshops and courses. She has worked diligently to build a reputation for honesty to both Spirit and clients alike, and to deliver a high level of accuracy in all her work.

Click here to book your place or email us for more info to positivenights@gmail.com
Delicious natural juices to be provided by Cornucopia Dublin at the break!

Some Testimonials for Paul & Vivienne:

“I decided to go to the positive nights evening with Paul, as I’d had a reading with him over 10 years ago & found him very accurate. I was warmly greeted by Paul & Clare to what was to be a magical evening, filled with amazing food, great craic & lots more insights. Our group was a little unusual, as we all came on our own. Each one wanting to push the boundaries & welcome lots of new opportunities. We were not disappointed. I made a great connection with two lovely people on the night & we’ve already had a couple of outings. I’m looking forward to the next night. Thanks Paul!”
Carol Kenny
To know more about Paul or to book a session, go to www.paulbuggle.com
“Vivienne Cardin is one of the few mediums I’m totally impressed with. Her clarity in the messages she gets (no vague is it Mary or Paddy stuff :) and the accuracy of the detailed messages I have seen her impart to audience members is simply amazing. From the platform recently, she got a person in spirit who was thanking me for something and the accuracy of what she said was uncanny. In private readings she gets straight to the point with no waffle ..another ‘bug bear’ of mine. When you get a reading from Viv, (I hope you will ) you will see how a genuine, accurate, honest medium works and I believe you will be very impressed.”
Noirin Callanan,
Energy Healer & Meditation/Laughter facilitator
To know more about Vivienne or to book a session go to www.viviennecardinmedium.com

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