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Positive Nights Presents: An Enlightening Conversation with Jan Esmann

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Facebook Page | Thursday, March 3oth, 2017, 7:30pm | Eur 20 / 15 euros concession | Location: The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2.

Please note, this is a especial event, best is to book your tickets in advance!

Our guest Jan Esmann from Denmark will be in conversation with Paul Congdon.

He is an enlightened teacher who doesn’t speak much in public. So this evening is a rare opportunity to find out what it’s like to be enlightened and to live in bliss every day.

For those of you who know Mother Amma (Hugging Amma) Jan related to her as a spiritual master, meeting her regularly for 15 years; he is still deeply connected with her as a guiding light within. Jan became enlightened in 1985.

He is one of the few persons in Western world, who can give a very sacred and very rare Shaktipat initiation. More information about Shaktipat is available here. 

Delicious natural juices to be provided by Cornucopia Dublin at the break.

Click here to buy your tickets in advance!

More on Jan

‘I welcome you as my own Self.
I share this with you out of love, in bliss.
What I write is my Self
which is your Self.
Please awaken!
Oh, please!’

Jan Esmann is an enlightened Shaktipat master living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He teaches, transmits and gives Shaktipat. The highest teachings are transmitted in silence during meditation or afterwards. Jan is not part of any tradition or represents a lineage.

You can check out a very interesting interview with Jan here.

Jan will also be doing a 3 day intensive meditation intensive while in Dublin.
People from all around the world have been coming to Jan’s intensives and retreats, so this rare opportunity is not to be missed!
Registration and other information:
Neringa Chantal: Neringachantal@yahoo.ie
Ph. 0857345346

If you want to learn more about Jan you can check his sites: lovebliss.eu & shaktipat.eu

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