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Taoist Practices Talk: A Message from Kris Deva North

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Kris Deva North


It was a real pleasure to meet you at Positive Nights yesterday and to share a few things of common interest.  I just wanted to emphasise that the practices we talked about together are especially beneficial for managing stress and maintaining good health: when we are in good health we have the choice of how to spend our time.  When we are ill, well, we have to make the time for that – we have no choice at all.  Steve Jobs wisely observed that however much we might have in the bank, we cannot pay someone to be ill for us!

So I want to emphasis how, in my own case, these practices have kept me in optimum health since I started doing them, and this is why I constantly urge everyone – as you probably noticed! – to make the choice of investing the time to learn this wonderful stuff properly so you can manage your energy and not lose it wastefully.

If you would like to learn more about the male Taoist Practice then please do come by my free talk tomorrow7.30 to 9 pm at the Holistic Centre of Ireland.

And of you want to make a start on developing a practice to bring you the benefits then take the weekend workshop –learn more here, or sign up now!

Bye now, see you soon”



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