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Spring Issue 2017 Positive Home: Everybody Hertz

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By Amanda Collins

Subtle energies constantly move in and around our bodies, whether or not we are aware of them. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second. We encounter such EMF radiation daily from everyday things such as power lines, radar and microwave towers, television and computer screens, motors, fl uorescent lights, microwave ovens, mobile phones, electric blankets, household wiring and other common sources. Constant exposure and excessive EMFs can lead to a weakening of your immune and nervous systems.

The first step towards minimising exposure to EMFs is to choose not purchase or rent a home close to power lines or substations. In years to come it will become harder to sell homes in these locations. Within a safely situated home, there are many simple things that you can do to create a healthier space. Let’s start with your bedroom. What a gift to give yourself to allow your body to completely rest and rejuvenate by not having any electrical equipment in your bedroom, except perhaps for nightlights. Remove all other items such as electric blankets, televisions, and computers, and do not charge your portable devices in the bedroom. I like to say that bedrooms should have only what you need for rest and romance. f you need an alarm clock in your bedroom, use a battery operated one rather than a plug- in. The electrical alarm clock close to your bed generates an EMF field of about 5-10 mG (milligauss), which is much higher than the safe level (max 1 mG). Make sure not to sleep with your headboard up against the home’s main electrical box. It’s even more important to follow these rules in children’s bedrooms as their bodies are growing and their brains are developing. If possible, turn off your WiFi and unplug other electronics in the hours you are not using them. This also saves on your electrical bill. Charge all mobile phones and computers as far away as possible from places that you sleep. In the kitchen, remove your microwave oven; it changes the molecular structure of your food and kills the riboflavins. You can heat food just as simply on top of the stove.

When working on your laptop, do not place it on your lap. Use a desk or table, for the further away you are from EMFs the better. If possible, spend less time chatting on your mobile phone. Speaking on a landline is much better for your health. If you do use your mobile phone, turn on the speaker function, so as not to hold the mobile phone right against your head. You can also use an airtube headset (Google this if you don’t know what it is) when speaking on your mobile phone as this again creates distance between the source of the EMF and your skull. If possible, do not let your children use mobile phones, or limit their time with them to a minimum. Technology plays an integral part in our lives and certainly we are so grateful for all the conveniences that make it possible to communicate with loved ones from all over the world and to run our businesses virtually. Technology brings us many advantages, but if we can create balance in our homes by minimising our exposure to the harmful effects of EMFs, then we and our loved ones can live in greater harmony.

As you can see Amanda Collins writes for us and we simply love her and her amazing work. We have seen so many lives simply transform because of what they have learnt from Amanda, she exudes power in all the right ways. If you’re looking for transformation and to find out how to work with the energy flow of life to enhance your own and other peoples experiences, we highly recommend the following course:
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