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Summer Issue 2017 Positive Tantra: What is Tantra?

by Dawn Cartwright

Holding hands

By Dawn Cartwright


Late into the night, Oonagh sat in her kitchen hand selecting kale leaves from the crate the organic farmer had just delivered. A brilliant chef for an organic café, she’d spent the evening out with a man she’d met a few weeks ago. Things had gone well, yet Oonagh knew she was keeping things lighter than she might have wanted because she felt uncertain about her ability to truly let go into intimacy. At 29, she’d never experienced the passion her friends described and she’d begun to wonder if there was something missing, something flawed or incomplete in her own experience of pleasure. As she sat at the dimly lit table, Oonagh picked up one of the vibrant leaves and placed it in her mouth. She felt as much as tasted the sharp bitter green, and because the intensity demanded her full attention, it brought Oonagh back from her worries and fears and into her heart – instantly.


Fionn is an IT genius with a sharp wit and classic style. The star player on his team at work, Fionn has his eye on a promotion into management. Now 25, he’s had two years to hone his craft, show his strengths and build trust among his coworkers. There’s epic competition as three senior IT specialists are also vying for the position. Nevertheless, Fionn’s certain he’s the man for the job. During his interview, Fionn found himself being asked the typical interview questions – yet because of his focus and determination, he seemed to hear them in a way he never had before. Fionn’s sense of hearing elevated to super human levels. He was able to listen between the lines and got a clear sense of what was actually needed and expected of him in the new position. His replies were insightful and expansive. Fionn’s interview was stellar.

Dónal & Caitlín

Dónal and Caitlín have been happily married 22 years. Their lives revolve around their six children, ages 12 to 21. Family brings them joy. Even with all the love, Dónal and Caitlín have been growing apart in recent years. The demands and stresses of two careers, children and a home mean they rarely get time alone. They’ve lost the spark. One windy evening Dónal and Caitlín were sitting up watching The Late Late Show when suddenly, everything went dark. They sat there together in a bit of shock for a minute or two, power lines down, senses heightened, until finally Caitlín slowly reached across the sofa to find Dónal. In the darkness and disorientation, her fingers lightly caressed his shoulder and chest. It was as if she was meeting him for the first time all over again. In the spontaneity of the moment they felt a closeness they hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Their spark was reignited.

What is Tantra?

What do these four fictional characters have in common? They’ve all experienced Tantra and they’ve done so without any formal training or instruction.

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to define Tantra. One of these is . . . the realisation that each of us, through focused attention in simple, everyday experiences, has the power to create our world. The formal Tantras have their roots in Hindu culture, governed by sacred texts known as The Vedas. The Vedas were transmitted thousands of years ago to sages who listened to the melodies of nature. These melodies still exist, of course, and are transmitted through sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, expanding our understanding of ourselves and life all around us. Anyone who has ever spent the day hillwalking or by the sea knows that nature has special messages to convey. The ancient wisdom of the Vedas is earth-based and real, clearly revealing the true nature of creativity and the appearance of everything we experience in our lives. Tantras are the methods, or techniques, for being in tune with this creativity; both in the world and within our bodies. In the Tantric view, our bodies themselves are microcosms of the universe and we ourselves are the creative force that births planets and stars. The creative force that creates our life.

Oonagh was so attentive to the bitter taste of the kale, it took her over. She regained her connection to nature in this one simple act and returned to her heart, the one place where she could actually begin to open to the intimacy she’d been missing. Fionn brought all his focus to the interview and heard aspects of the questions even his interviewers didn’t realise they were asking. Dónal and Caitlín met one another beyond all the barriers of daily stress and reconnected as if for the first time. Through focused attention in simple, everyday experiences, each of the four created, in some small way, a new world.

And so can you.

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion. Dawn will offer: Sacred Sexuality. How We Love. 6-Nights of Tantric Bliss, October 6th – 12th, and Fragrance of the Lotus Tantra Teacher Training 2018 in Wicklow. To book your place, go to: www.dawncartwright.com.

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion.

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