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Sandy Newbigging: OM is Where the Heart is

by Sandy C. Newbigging

Renowned meditation coach and author Sandy Newbigging is a regular contributor to our magazine, and we love reading his words of wisdom! Read on to enjoy his most recent contribution, to our Winter 2019/20 issue.

OM Is Where the Heart Is 

A Powerful Meditation For Reconnecting With Love

by Sandy Newbigging

What if the true home of love has always been your own heart? 

The commonly held belief: ‘I am separate from love’, is the cause of so many issues because it fuels fear, frustration and separation from the source of life, and love. However, imagine if you knew that love was forever within you. How differently would you engage with daily life? 

Would you worry so much about what people think about you? Would you resist what’s happened in your past? Would you fear the future? Would you spend time with people who didn’t treat you well? Would you hold grudges about not being loved enough by others? Or, would you feel freer to be, do and have what makes your heart happy? 

If you want to stop trying so hard to be loveable or loved and, instead, discover that you are love, then try this simple, yet powerful, ‘OM LOVE’ meditation:

The Sanskrit work ‘OM’ is known as being ‘the vibration of creation’. OM is said to be the very first movement from stillness, the first sound that comes from silence and the first something that comes from the nothing. Thoughts, on the other hand, are in essence unmanifested potentiality. They are seeds of creation. As a result, consciously intended thoughts can be a powerful tool to bring what you want into creation. 

Due to the vibrational nature of Sanskrit, when you align your attention with OM, you align your attention with the infinite power of creation. Furthermore, whatever thoughts you marry OM up with in your mind you can help bring into creation. So if you want more love, “OM LOVE” is a powerful thought. 

Think “Om Love”, with your eyes open, throughout your day. Just think it occasionally whenever you remember to do so. Every time you think it you are watering the seeds of your intentions by aligning your attention with the creative force of the universe. 

Here’s how to use this OM LOVE meditation with your eyes closed:

Get Comfortable

Stay Gently Alert: Close your eyes while remaining gently alert. From the here and now, let your attention rest forward and wide as you allow whatever is happening within your mind, now. This takes no effort, no straining or trying. Continue by very easily, comfortably and gently observing whether there are any thoughts moving through your mind – as though they were distant birds flying through the vast sky. Care less about the content of your mind, and more about watching, allowing and continuing to remain gently alert. 

Be Love: Gently think “OM LOVE”, then let the thought go. Just stay gently alert and, if there is any inner stillness or quiet, rest aware of it. After a while you will notice that your mind has become active again, and that you have started thinking. This is natural and a habit, so go easy on yourself. 

When you notice that you’ve been thinking about other things, gently rethink “OM LOVE”. For the rest of your time meditating, slowly go between being gently alert and occasionally thinking “OM LOVE”. This enjoyable meditation technique can help you to rediscover that love lives within you. 

For more enjoyable meditations by Sandy, join his Calm Clan. 


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