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One Nutrition: An Eco-Conscious Irish Brand

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If you’re looking for a nutrition brand that will help you to improve your health and energy levels, while also bearing the needs of the planet in mind, look no further than One Nutrition! We had the chance to interview the founders, Darragh Hammond and Dominic Galvin, for our Winter 2019/20 issue.

Wellness with a difference

An eco-conscious Irish brand

One Nutrition is renowned for its premium, ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. Recently the brand has brought the packaging into line with its ingredients, making it both environmentally conscious and suitable for many dietary and lifestyle needs. All products come in glass jars protected by a cardboard sleeve, with convenient symbols signifying whether it is vegan, gluten-, dairy- or soy-free. This heightens One Nutrition’s appeal among eco-conscious consumers.

We caught up with founders Darragh Hammond and Dominic Galvin to uncover the passion behind their brand.

“The concept came out of a discussion we were having around food supplements we take, and whether we could improve upon what is currently available,” explains Darragh. “Dominic and I have a combined industry experience of over 40 years, so we’ve gained a lot of knowledge around ingredient sourcing and quality control.”

“For example, we only use wheat and barley grass juice powders in our green products, rather than ground leaf powder,” Dominic adds. “It costs a lot more for the raw material, but the benefits are so worth it, as all the nutrients are readily available and we are not trying to extract them from grass, which our bodies were not designed to do.”

One Nutrition’s products have been lauded by some of Ireland’s leading athletes, including coach and speaker Pat Divilly, race walker Rob Heffernan, and award-winning canoeist Jennifer Egan. Jennifer says, “My training regime is intense, placing high demands on my body. Since taking One Nutrition Power Greens, I have found that my energy levels have improved. This has allowed me to increase the intensity of my training sessions.”


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