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Sneak Peek: ‘Let’s Rise in Love’ by Dawn Cartwright

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We always love reading Dawn Cartwright’s offerings, and her beautiful Summer 2020 article was no exception. She wrote about the value of honouring our sexual centres, and rising in love. We wanted to share a sneak peek of her wisdom today!

Embracing Our Centres

Let’s Rise in Love

by Dawn Cartwright

If there was ever a time when the world (and all of us in it) needed more love, it’s now. Good news is, our bodies contain a map for love: one that has existed since the beginning of time. It was here long before we arrived, before the universe and the world as we know it began. It’s the energy of life, pure and untouched. It’s the very beginning of love. 

Some call this energy Kundalini, some call it passion, others call it renewal and promise and hope. It’s a map of the human spirit. A map with lines traced from earth to sky.

This map exists in our sexual centre, alive with sexual energy. It is the map of sexual reflexology. When we are touched, both physically and emotionally, this map comes alive. The channels of Kundalini awaken and we are reborn and renewed. When we give and receive conscious sexual touch and embrace the emotions that emerge, we activate that energy throughout the body. We rise in love.

Sexual Reflexology

Sexual reflexology is a way of bringing conscious touch to the sexual centre. When we feel secure and receptive to touch, our body relaxes and tension is released. Our sexual centre comes into balance and awakens. Our sexual energy flows naturally. 

Your touch may be strong and warm or gentle and deep. Find a way to touch these places in and on your own body so you feel met, welcome and accepted. It may take some practice to sink in and truly receive your touch, be patient, be loving with yourself. 

You may also wish to touch yourself emotionally as you explore sexual reflexology. There are emotions associated with each of the reflexology zones. Allow your meditation to bring you into these balanced emotional states, then melt those emotions into your heart and into your body until you feel the two merge in resonance. 

There are four zones in the sexual centre, corresponding to four meridians or energy channels in the body. Like the map of the Kundalini, these zones and channels are a path to awakening. When all four zones are activated and flowing, we feel grounded, alert and exuberant. Our sexual experiences are loving, intimate and fulfilling.

To see the full article, pick up the Summer 2020 issue in your local stockist, or subscribe to receive a copy direct to your door.

Dawn Cartwright is a Neo Tantra visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in authentic lovemaking and Neo Tantra fusion.


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