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We Recommend: The Amazing Julie Byrne

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Julie Byrne is a transformational coach and mentor who works with a range of different tools and methodologies, all aimed at empowering people to become the version of themselves they most want to see in the world.

When Julie turned 40, she met her soulmate, travelled around the world, and decided to take full ownership of her gifts, strengths and talents as a transformation entrepreuneress. We love her work!

Julie is a bold and beautiful pioneer for transformation in the world. She has been a practising Buddhist for 17 years, holds a B.A. in Psychology, and is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Feng Shui expert. She uses Feng Shui to unlock the superpowers in her clients’ homes, turning them into magnets for abundance.

Through her step-by-step strategies, Julie helps people to start creating their best versions of themselves, “living their life on purpose.” She also creates safe and supportive online spaces, including bootcamps and challenges. Click here to learn what some of her previous clients have to say about her.

You can sign up for access to her free manifestation training and videos, and learn more about her forthcoming courses, via her website below.


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