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‘Awakening Your World’ by Sandy Newbigging

by Sandy C. Newbigging

In our Summer 2020 issue, Sandy Newbigging spoke about how we can bring about changes in the world by first being the change within ourselves. We loved hearing his words of wisdom – very apt for this time in humanity’s story. Read on below!


A Call to Awaken the Awareness Within

by Sandy Newbigging

I remember having a conversation with my original teacher of meditation (a great guy called Narain) about all the terrible things I saw occurring within the world. Sharing my concerns, sadness and fear for the future of us all, he made a comment that caused my perspective do a 180-degree turn. 

He said, ‘Don’t forget that the world is the context of our awakening, and the crazier things become the quicker we will all wake up.’ 

By ‘wake up’ Narain wasn’t referring to physical sleep, but waking up spiritually; by rediscovering our true nature (beyond our ego/mind) and directly experiencing the unifying truths of reality (beyond separation/suffering). 

Remember, within all of us is a permanently present awareness that isn’t broken and resides beyond the temporary mental, emotional, physical and environmental stuff. 

This awareness is calm and free – always – and losing connection with it causes us to get caught up in a world of conditioned, conflicting and constricting thoughts which then get projected outwards. As a result, many of the problems we see in the world are possible and perpetuated because we are asleep to the awakened awareness within. 

No doubt you’ve experienced those ‘calm and free’ moments in life – perhaps while watching a sunset or a bright, full moon hanging low in the sky – when you’ve felt overwhelmed by the beauty of life. It’s at these times that we often feel at one with the world, totally in awe of the beautiful moment, and also incredibly peaceful. 

I believe that every one of us would like to feel this way all the time – to return to an experience of oneness with nature, the universe, with ‘Divinity’. Even if we believe we only want a flash car, a house in the country, or a promotion at work, the desire for this return appears to be built into the fabric of humanity. 

Knowing that you, everyone you meet, and everything in the world is all made up of the same divine ‘stuff’, life becomes sacred. You don’t resist what happens (because it is divine too) and you aren’t attached to more or better (because you are filled up by an experience of ‘the infinite’). 

You are complete, whole and at peace, and nothing or no one person or circumstance can take it away from you. You have a deep gratitude for life and are fully willing to experience life in all its myriad of guises. 

Fear falls away as each moment is bathed in the light of love. This invincible love, that you now know you are, is no longer gained from other people, possessions or prestige, but is a wellspring from within, that is endless, pure and powerful. 

Experiencing peace, love and perfection, you see the same reflected back from your life circumstances and the world. Naturally, you stop taking things so personally, or seriously. Other people stop being so annoying or hurtful, even if they hold differences of opinion or act unconsciously in peculiar ways. Instead, you experience a courageous compassion and possess a deep desire for everyone to wake up from the conditioning that’s causing them suffering. 

Life stops revolving around how you are feeling, or if you are getting your own way or not. Knowing and experiencing the unified truth of reality, there is ultimately no individual ‘you’ to defend and life is an adventure; the world is the playground. You are flexible and free, incredibly content, recognize that the present moment is the gift, and live without limitations as you go about fulfilling your purpose. 

Consider what the world would be like if everyone had already woken up? How would we treat the planet if we knew it was nirvana, and how would we interact with one another if we knew we were all divine? 

Do you think the world would still have the same problems as it does today? Would there still be the need for war if everyone (including the politicians and armies) were experiencing inner peace, love, joy and freedom within their own hearts and minds? 

It may all sound too good to be true, or darn right impossible, but don’t forget; if it’s possible for the individual then the potential exists also for it to be possible for communities and countries. Don’t give up on humanity too soon. We are just getting started! 

If you want to see this kind of world, it’s up to you to be the change – now. Stop waiting for someone else to wake up first. It’s your time and it’s your turn. As one of the pioneers you do a great service. Treading a new path, it’s quicker and easier for the next person to wake up too. 

The state of the world is changing. Every day, an ever-increasing number of people are seeing beyond illusionary limitation and awakening to the awareness within. Together, we are waking up to a new world where humanity knows peace and lives free. 

Sandy is a monk, meditation teacher, creator of Mind Detox and a bestselling author of several books including New Beginnings.


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