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Positive Astrology, Autumn 2014, ‘Pause and Reflect’ by Andrew Smith

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Pause and Reflect


Autumn 2014 brings space for stillness.?

By Andrew Smith

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The changes just keep on coming as the ‘Quickening’ continues until March 2015! This autumn’s celestial tides are much calmer than they have been in recent months, affording us an opportunity to pause, reflect and enjoy the fruits of the seeds that have been planted over the past three years.

During this time a portal to your higher Self has been opened up enabling you to cut old cords, to face your past, to speak your truth, to stand your ground, to seek out others who share the same vision, to go beyond the limits of the existing order, and to weave new pathways.

With the waning of August and opening of September, you will experience a brief continuation of the deconstruction themes of eliminating deep seated issues from within you and within our society as we face the continuing exposure of scandal and deceit in the affairs of those invested with power in religious, educational, political, security and social institutions.

As the turning point in the seasons at the Equinox is reached, you will feel the collective mood lighten as there is an invitation to shift like the new season upon you. The 25th September provides an excellent time to risk setting far reaching goals. The opportunity to fully blossom is something to be freely grasped and to do that you need to detach from external, limiting, past conditioning, and feel confident to move towards the unknown. Unfettered from the beliefs, judgments, possessions, and social/religious norms, the soul that has emptied itself may be filled with the nectar of divine inspiration. After all, who can be more at rest than the person of single intention? No small task, I hear you say, especially given the busyness of our lives! Therefore a great grace is needed to elevate your soul beyond the myriad distractions of a deconstructing world. So too are stillness and reflection.

Rarely do we, as a society, encourage the recollection of our senses or give homage to the inward reflection of our soul. And yet, pauses are inherent within nature. In music, for example, the spaces between notes are often as important as the notes themselves. If this sounds strange simply imagine listening to someone giving a speech who never paused for a breath! Not only is it exhausting to keep concentrating on the constant stream of words issuing forth from the speaker’s mouth, whatever nuggets of inspiration the speaker is sharing with you will eventually become lost within this unending and ultimately monotonous stream of sound from which you will eventually crave relief from. Likewise with music it is important to provide spaces, allowing the listener to absorb each musical phrase before the next one starts.

October is an invitation to exhale deeply in gratitude for this opportunity to be held in the darkening season where you are being prompted to once again journey within and to replenish your body and spirit. The dark offers you the support to go unconscious and to travel through other worlds. For the third time this year, Mercury, the planetary archetype that reflects your Mind, will move from a Water Sign back into an Air sign.

You live in four worlds – the world of feeling (or Fire), the world of body (Earth), the world of thought (Air) and the world of emotion (Water). The ancients call these worlds, the elements. In creating reality you need a balance of all four worlds. It is the combination of your thoughts (Air) and emotions (Water) that creates what you feel (Fire). Those feelings are ultimately your beliefs and perceptions, which orders the sequences of DNA inside your body (Earth). In turn your DNA codes the matter surrounding you, be it a person, an ideal or an event; and it is those ‘things’ which are what your feelings are all about!!

As Mercury moves from Water back to Air, you have the opportunity to reflect on the quality of your emotional (Water) mind (Air), therefore the realities that you live within. Thought alone lacks the potency to create your reality, in the same way that your power source, emotion (Water), needs a guidance system to direct its energy. The coupling of thought and emotion creates your feelings (Fire) and it is your feelings about ‘stuff’ that directly impacts your reality (Earth) and creates feedback from your world which in turn generates further thoughts and emotions!

Not only does your destiny change with both your thoughts and your emotions, the feelings that are created by those thought-emotions change the environment around you, which in turn transforms you at a cellular level, raising your vibratory nature to a higher level, again supporting you to raise the level of your awareness. To do this, all you need to do is to hold space, go inward and to continue to change the limiting thought forms that lie deep within by asking yourself better questions. This is the gift of October’s retrogradation.

The Autumnal months reflect a time of rest to allow yourself integrate what has come out of this great healing, and allow the medicine of your discoveries to deepen into your being. Remember that your life has become abundantly rich with opportunities and you are living within a cornucopia of possibilities, no longer bound by the limitations of your past thoughts.

Andrew’s private practice is in Blackrock, South Dublin. Email dastroc@gmail.com for further information on consultations, workshops or classes.

Highlight’s of Autumn’s Cosmic Activity

Sept 5 Cleansing of impurities as Jupiter quincunxes Pluto
Sept 14 Mercury enters his Shadow Phase
Sept 23 Libran ingress/autumnal equinox
Sept 24 Libran new moon
Sept 25 Innovation abounds as Jupiter trines Uranus
Oct 4 Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio
Oct 8 Arian lunar eclipse
Oct 16 Rebirth of the Cosmic Mind
Oct 23 Scorpion ingress and solar eclipse
Oct 25 Mercury direct in Libra
Nov 10 Mercury exits his Shadow Phase
Nov 22 Sagittarian ingress and new moon
Nov 27 Turmoil as Saturn octiles Pluto

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