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Buddha Bag Meeting 30 July: Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Taj Anapol

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The Lantern Centre, Dublin, 30 July, 8pm.

Book by emailing buddhabagmeeting@gmail.com

Deborah TajAnapol, Ph.D. is an explorer of the spaces where sex, spirit, sustainability, love and ecology meet. Her Tantric journey through inner and outer space is an ongoing process of discovery and she brings a rare integration of over three decades of spiritual practice, the healing arts, Western psychology, academic training, yoga, and woman’s wisdom to her work.

Pelvic Heart Integration (PHI) is a holistic, comprehensive technology for transformation which emphasises the power of sexualoving energy and the ways our culture frequently distorts the natural flow of this energy. Ultimately we learn how to relax into embodied awareness and allow the always present ecstatic flow of life force energy to be consciously and effortlessly felt.

In this brief introduction, Deborah will focus on the power of the breath in discovering how our bodies receive and release energy when the circuit connecting heart and pelvis is intact, how we can generate higher levels of energy, and how we can both heal and be healed by our ancestral lineages.

Watch an interview about Pelvic Heart Integration below


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