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Winter Sneak Peek: Positive Attraction, with Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace

Creating as Second Nature

Law of attraction

An expanding circle of greatness.

By Dee Wallace.

Believe in miracles. Believe in all possibility. Believe in the new. During an amazing private session with one of my clients, the following information was delivered, and establishes the guiding points we need to always remain in balance and creation.

1. Am I loving myself?
2. Do I live in endless love for all energy?
3. Am I living in the Present Moment?
4. Do I know I Am the God and Creator of me?

Thankfully, there are only four main things to remember. Everything else is REmembering one, or all, of those cornerstones. When these four cornerstones are in place energetically, conscious, complete creation is happening.

This is what the channel calls “The Circle of Creation.” When these are circulating together in a continuously flowing circle, we expand and the understanding of creation expands. When they are out of harmony, it affects the others and the circle is pulled within itself, like water down a drain. It constricts, rather than expands.

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