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Stargazing: How Astrology Transformed my Life

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This is taken from the Spring 2016 issue of Positive Life. Subscribe | Stockists

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By Calodagh McCumiskey

From a young age, I loved looking at the moon and stars. But astrology?  Nah! I was never one to read the sun-sign horoscopes in newspapers and magazines. Not even for amusement. I’m a natural sceptic. I want the evidence. In 2004 I was working in emergency response and international development and was posted to India. There, I had a consultation with a Vedic astrologer and was blown away, not just by what he could tell me, but how, and I began studying with him. For nearly four years, I spent most of my free time learning astrology. I’ve met many great astrologers who, by reading my birth chart, could tell me many things about my past, present and future. They also explained the science behind their amazing insights. Astrology shaped the second part of my career. Several times a year, I travel to India to deepen my learning, and I’m now a senior research scholar with the Astrologers Trust of India. My first career focused on helping people to find the external resources they needed. Now I focus on giving people the inner resources they need to live happy fulfilled lives. Astrology is the tool I use to help people do this. I work with clients from all walks of life, in many countries. Astrology transformed my life for the better, and now, by means of astrology, I seek to help other people do the same for themselves.

Calodagh McCumiskey teaches Japa Meditation, is a qualified Yoga teacher, offers Vedic Astrology consultations, and is co-founder of Spiritual Earth.

hellenisticvedicastrology.com spiritualearth.ie

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