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A New Initiative from Thrive School

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Thrive School is bringing together creative and social entrepreneurs for a new 6 month learning programme to support them to launch and sustain their dream projects.

This is a call to action for creatives, self-starters, visionaries, makers and do-ers. Do you have a big dream and need support to make it happen? Want to accelerate your learning as a creative or social entrepreneur? Thrive School could be just the thing for you!

Thrive School, set up by serial creative entrepreneur, Clare Mulvany, offers cutting edge training, blending personal and professional development across a 6 month period. Starting on May 17th Thrive School’s monthly workshops will take place in Cafe Thirty Four, Lennox Street in Portobello. Each workshop will be complemented with an active online learning programme tailored specifically for the students. Topics include visioning and business crafting, social media development, online communications, branding, finance and personal practices to sustain the entrepreneurial journey.

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Mulvany has been cutting her teeth in the creative entrepreneurial world for over 15 years and brings a wealth of experience and learning to this innovative initiative. She is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awardee, co-founder of The Trailblazery, author, freelance photographer and yoga teacher. She combines her practical experience with a Master’s Degree in Education from The University of Oxford.

‘The learning we need to create a life we can thrive through can be accelerated with the right structure, people, resources and community around us’, said Mulvany. ‘Based on my own personal experience, I see a need to create a place to connect and learn from others on their own entrepreneurial journey. It can be a lonely journey but it doesn’t necessarily have to be’.

Thrive School will take a creative approach to business, supporting participants to design their business, trade or lifestyle in accordance with their values while also helping them to bring in more income.

‘The programme is particularly for people who want set up or reboot a creative or social venture’ added Mulvany. ‘Maybe they are buzzing with ideas or dreams but do not know how to take the first few steps, or they are a little further along the line and feel blocked and want some fresh insights and a supportive community around them. Thrive School is about developing the personal and professional skills and network vital to a sustainable enterprise’.

Applications are now open. Application deadline is May 10th.

For more info visit www.claremulvany.ie

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