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Autumn 2016 Issue Short & Sweet: Follow Your Star

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The Sun & Astrology

Hand holding the sun at sunset

By Calodagh McCumiskey

The sun is the most important celestial body in our lives. Without the sun there would be no light, food or oxygen. In the same way that it has so much importance at a planetary level, it has a corresponding vitality at a personal level in our charts and lives. It brings the spotlight, illumination and energy. It points to our soul’s journey – the journey from ego to enlightenment.

Understanding the sun in our charts will give insights into our light, our shadows and point to our soul’s potential showing us how to shine most brightly and ignite our soul’s fire. If the sun is placed close to the moon, the person will be prone to depression and more easily disheartened. People born on a full moon, when the sun and the moon are 180 degrees apart, tend to be more sensitive to what’s going on around them and in the world, even more so at the time of a full moon. They can often have stronger intuition, psychic abilities and experiences.

People with the sun in the 7th or 10th houses, associated with daily working life and profession, tend to be leaders in their field. They have vision, charisma and the capacity to
deliver the vision. Astrology can help you to understand yourself, set goals and realise your potential.

As Ferdinand Foch proclaimed, “The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire.” Set your world alight.


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