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321 Focus: A Recipe for Transformation

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In our Summer 2020 issue, we profiled the work of Maria B. Bourke, founder of the 321 Focus programme. We were intrigued by the recipe for rapid, effective transformation that this process offers. Read on to find out all about it!

A Recipe for Transformation

321 Focus: the process that works

In September 2018, author, life coach and personal empowerment facilitator Maria B. Bourke launched a 30 day online personal and spiritual challenge. “I was toying with the idea of writing another book, The Magik Formula, when I was guided to put the challenge together,” she explains. “I did a test run on myself for 45 days over the summer. I knew by the end of this time it had to be really simple and possible to achieve in 20 minutes a day. I was given the name 321 Focus. As I made the first videos, I realised that 3, 2 and 1 were three daily elements – daily intention setting using affirmations, daily guided meditation and daily gratitude – that would repeat each day while the Focus would change and evolve over the 30 day period.” 

Once you’ve been going through this process for a day or two, it is revealed as remarkably straightforward, yet profound. The results have amazed Maria. “People have changed jobs, moved country and continent, learned self-love, and put new boundaries in place,” she says. “Every journey has been unique and perfect for that person. Many people have repeated the challenge several times, each time achieving a new level of personal transformation.”

All you need is a journal and pen, internet access to receive the daily email with video instructions and insights, and most importantly, a commitment to invest 20 minutes a day in YOU!

321 Focus takes place five times per year. For more information – including video interviews with past participants – go to:


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