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Spirituality and the City – Intimacy, Summer 2013

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intimacy and the arts

Izabella Linuza, Artist

intimacy and the arts

Intimacy, for me, is a beautifully intense connection with another. The Celtic term for this contact is “anam cara,” meaning soul friend. With my anam cara, a deep, eternal union is rooted. Openly, I share the innermost aspects of my Self with this person.

Within the depths of the others’ eyes, our own reflection is confronted. In these gloriously intimate moments, we take off our masks, revealing our vulnerable selves – our most pure essence. Ego leaves this space for us. We have channelled a force greater than ourselves where selfless-love flows, uniting us. We melt away into a perfect Oneness.

Among the Na’vi tribe in the film Avatar, the phrase “I See You” is used as a greeting. It means “I understand you. I see your love, your feelings and your soul.” This phrase illustrates intimacy oh so majestically.

Love & Light.


Declan Hammond, Homeopath, Shamanic Therapist & Co-Founder of ISH

Intimacy has become almost an obsession for me. It is what I crave most in my relationships with lovers; what I value most in my friendships. It feeds me on every level, makes my heart sing, turns me on, adds juiciness and aliveness to my every contact, and is a constant reminder of all the riches that life offers.

Rooted in presence and acceptance, it invites me to live my life in the most authentic way, to trust and to relate honestly, to listen and share without prejudice, to move beyond the tyranny of old stories and meet the other in trust, without barriers or projections.

Whether alone in nature, in my lover’s embrace or in a gathering of friends, intimacy calls me home, reminds me of who and what I am, and challenges me constantly to be fully alive to all of life and love’s possibilities.



Lucie Chvojková, Tantra Counselor

Lucie Chvojková

The first time I had a tantric massage, I discovered how natural and liberating nakedness in this context can be. Not only can it bring deep relaxation, but also a new knowledge of your body and soul.

Some people believe that intimacy equals sex. For me, sex is only one ingredient for creating intimacy. Tantra has taught me that sex is a nice but superficial exchange of energy, while lovemaking with full presence creates a deep soul connection which provides a high level of intimacy between partners. It is a mosaic that is formed gradually and consists of many stones.

Intimacy involves lowering your defences and sharing that fragile part of your soul that may have been hurt in the past, trusting your partner not to hurt you again. It is about being able to share the whole range of feelings and experiences we have as human beings.



Xavier Vercaemst, Amatsu & Reiki Practitioner

Amatsu Therapy Ireland

Intimacy is a deep-rooted art that I use in every waking moment of my personal life, as well as my professional one. This sacred form of communication, mainly done by touch, translates to a non-verbal connection with myself, my partner and my clients. Moreover, I’m able to touch people’s hearts in an intimate way by the words coming from the depth of my soul, which connect to their true essence and transcend their Ego.

I practise this art by staying completely present, embodied, and with an intention of care or appreciation for every person I meet.

In this fast-paced society, which focuses on material matters, I truly believe that this art of intimacy seems to make my personal, social and healing practice more fun and deeply felt, and opens people’s hearts to amazing beauty and healing.



Vered Zur, Co-founder of Expressive Arts Ireland

Expressive arts Ireland

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, an expressive arts therapist and nature lover. I would like to share a wonderful moment in my life: Nature; standing on a cliff. Sunset; the sea looks beautiful and the sun slowly sinks into the water, touches in a gentle moment of wonder. The day is about to end and a new era begins. It is my wedding. I can feel my heartbeat. I can see the eyes of my partner as we are ready for the moment, to create our unique commitment of intimacy that will follow us as years go by.

Being intimate is building meaningful friendship and close relationship, allowing complete honesty. I have the ability to hear and feel parts of my heart touching the soul. Love and trust fulfil my heart. It is the artwork of nature’s harmony.

My life is compounded with memories that include intimacy and powerful moments.



Mick Sawtell, Tantra Therapist

Tantra Therapist

A few years ago, feeling that it was time for some emotional and sexual healing, I decided to go for a tantric massage.

I arrived feeling very vulnerable, but ready to take what seemed like a giant step into total intimacy with a complete stranger. As the process unfolded, we gracefully ended up naked, with her request to keep my eyes closed, focus within, breathe consciously and feel. The massage was soft, caring, sensual and exotic.

The sexual feelings seemed so innocent within a safe feeling of real intimacy. As the massage evolved and reached new levels of intimate touch, I found myself starting to weep. It was such a beautiful, liberating feeling to receive a heartfelt genital massage with no sexual expectation attached to it.

At the end of the massage, I was floating deep in my heart in a place of Heavenly Bliss. WOW!


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