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Buddha Bag Meeting 9 July: Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life

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Handwriting for Transformation

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Thursday 9 July, 8pm, The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8. Tickets €15/10 concession.

Did you know that according to some people, you can change your life by changing your handwriting. The theory is that your writing can reveal and heal blocks. Our mind is a plastic and mouldable structure – we can always achieve change and our handwriting is a direct expression of our subconscious mind. Even motivational author Louise Hay changed her handwriting based on Vimala Rodgers’ Alphabet.

Beata Januszczak runs workshops in this and will introduce us to it all. Beata has spent the last 5 years studying the connection between the body, mind and spirit. She’s a Reiki and Seichem Master, an NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach and a Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapist.

She also studied the soul-based handwriting with Vimala Rogers (author of the book “Transform your Life Through Handwriting”) & became a Certified Handwriting Consultant.

Is there an aspect of your life that you would like to change? Come find out more on this very special evening with Beata.

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