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Live like your life depends on it

by Sandy C. Newbigging

Why your health is linked to your life purpose.


By Sandy Newbigging.

Health is much more than the mere absence of disease. It’s a state of holistic harmony that enables you to meet your individual needs while actively pursuing your life purpose. The more humanity moves from the heart to the head, the more conflicted and prone to being unwell we become. For the past few years I’ve been living by a simple philosophy that has improved my own health and helped the healing of the people I work with.

What I like to call the ‘Body Calm Philosophy’ has the power to transform your relationship with life and make everyday experiences extra enjoyable and meaningful. Living by it, you see your stress-levels drop and become more able to help your body to heal and stay healthy.

Beyond the likely body benefits, your relationships, career and wealth can be positively impacted. Quite simply, I cannot overstate the profound and positive paybacks that can come your way.

But before I share it, I need to provide the all-important caveat – it won’t work if it remains an intellectual idea that you simply think about. It is an experiential way of relating to yourself and your life. Let the proof of the philosophy come from how your health, happiness, success and life satisfaction improve.

At the heart of the Body Calm Philosophy is the premise that the purpose of your life is to live fully and completely. Although this might seem like a simplistic purpose, it is profound. Most people aren’t living fully or letting life events and experiences come to their conscious completions.

All too often, people resist what happens or are attached to something different happening and, in the process, stop situations from fulfilling their positive purposes. They don’t experience life in its fullness because they are preoccupied by their mind-made version of reality, busy recalling the past, distracted from the present or focused on the future. They miss the magnificent moment and the magic that is constantly unfolding.

You don’t have to tentatively exist or merely ‘get by’. Live fully, aware of your remarkable self and the awe-inspiring beauty and perfection of life.

Everything happens to help you to fulfill this purpose. You are perpetually presented with invitations to move from the head to the heart, stress to serenity and from separation to oneness – open up to seeing these invitations and taking these opportunities. No moment will ever be wasted in this state.

Look at how you go about your day. Do you resist or rejoice? Do you fight life or use everything to learn how to be more flexible and free? Do you act the victim or welcome the gifts you are given to grow? The choice is yours in seeing and accepting that life happens not to hinder, but help you. Instead of feeling attacked or bombarded by life, I invite you to assume everything happens to help you to live fully and completely.

With the right mindset you can use all that happens, even the bumps in the road, as invitations to step up and wake up. Reclaim your power to peacefully progress towards your life purpose and be the healthiest and happiest version of your Self.

Sandy will be returning to Dublin in the autumn to teach Body Calm Meditation and his new book is out this coming October. sandynewbigging.com

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