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New Year, New You, by Roisin Fitzpatrick

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It’s that time of year again when we take a good look at who we are and why we are here.  New year is a wonderful time to take stock and to evaluate what is really important in life.  For many people who are grappling with multi-tasking family, work and relationships, simply trying to find the time to become still may seem like an impossible task.  Yet, it is through this stillness that we can access our infinite potential and allow ourselves to find out who we were were born to be…

So how can we make the time to express our true selves? 

A few years ago, on the day after my 35th birthday, I was lucky enough to have a brain haemorrhage. Yes, I know that sounds strange to say that I was lucky, however, it is how I really feel about the experience. When I was in the ICU at Beaumont Hospital, after I was told of the possible risks including death, paralysis and brain surgery, I lay there thinking “Is this it?  Is my life over?” I felt at though I was standing at the edge of an abyss as I stared into the unknown…

At that moment, I saw a beautiful radiant light that was iridescent in nature.  It was warm and welcoming.  At the same time, I felt a love so pure and unconditional that it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Surrounded by a hushed silence, I allowed myself to let go and be embraced by the powerful sense of Oneness – a connection with something so profound yet delightfully exuberant.  I was experiencing bliss….

To this day, when I stop and go still I can still feel this profound connection with a much deeper meaning in life.  The greatest irony is that from my near death experience I have absolutely no fear of death, which in turn has given me a special gift – the freedom to live life!  We spend so much time running around looking for happiness, joy and peace in places where it can never be found. Yet, when we take the time to go still and connect within, this is when we access the most powerful source of all.  This is where we can tap into our true creative potential.

We have so many choices in life.  By giving yourself the gift of time to connect with your true self and to express your authentic self, you are giving the world your greatest gift.  Through sharing your unique talent in this world, you inspire everyone around you to also live their best lives and shine brightly in this world…

Written by Roisin Fitzpatrick, author of the best-selling book Taking Heaven Lightly which has recently been relaunched as part of New Year New You promotions at all good book shops nationwide.  Please see http://www.Roisinfitzpatrick.com for more details. 

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