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Positive Nights Presents: An evening of Mindfulness with Alison Canavan

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Photo by Lili Forberg
Facebook Page | Thursday, November 3rd, 7:30pm | Eur 20/15 Concession | Location: The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2.
Join us for an evening of connectivity with author and health and wellness coach Alison Canavan where we will look at nourishing each aspect of ourselves. Alison will talk about the importance of having daily happiness habits and the immense power that meditation, mindfulness and gratitude can bring to our busy modern lives. Modern life has made it increasingly difficult to connect not only with ourselves but also the world around us as we are moving so fast but its important that we reconnect and slow down to experience the quality of life we all truly deserve. Alison will guide us through a beautiful meditation as well as sharing her great lifestyle tips in conversation with Paul Congdon. Signed copies of her wellness book Minding Mum will be available on the night for purchase.
Email us at positivenights@gmail.com to book your place!

More about Alison

 From her oficial site: “I used to think that my happiness would come from my next big job, relationship or indeed party I attended but what I soon discovered was that I was always looking outside of myself when what I really needed was inside me all along. For many years I had spiritual teachers telling me to look within and I generally became frustrated because I had no idea what they meant. Having spent my life running, when I became a mum, I simply couldn’t run anymore as someone else depended on me and I had to face my problems. I suffered from postnatal depression and during my journey back to full health,  I discovered that my years of escaping from life through any means possible was simply not going to work anymore. When I reached this point, I also had nothing left materialistically so I began to look within and I have never looked back.”

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