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Consciousness Development Program with Patrick Sousa, Dublin

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Patrick Sousa

Consciousness Development Program in Dublin, Ireland with Patricia Sousa

Patrick Sousa

The Consciousness Development Programme (CDP) is the IAC’s core curricular programme. It offers a comprehensive, transformative body of information on life’s most fundamental questions.

The CDP will give students a cohesive, verifiable framework for understanding themselves and their relationships, examining who we are, what happens when we die, and even why we are here.

Students will be shown how to incorporate the CDP’s ideas into their daily lives, allowing them to increase their fulfilment by living coherently within a broader, more accurate understanding of reality.

Dates: The course is offered in 2 weekends
1st Weekend: July 26 to 28
2nd Weekend: August 2 to 4

For registration please contact IAC UK: +44 (0) 20 7631 5083 orlondon@iacworld.org
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