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Corporate Wellbeing Institute Launches – Event This Weds April 15th

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The Corporate Wellbeing Institute, based in Europe, is a “one-stop-shop for evidence-based corporate wellbeing programs.” They want to provide you with both qualitative and quantitative results that positively impact your business results and culture through methods that have worked for numerous others.

“We bring together experts in mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, yoga and massage to provide you with a complete wellbeing package for your company. All our programs are 100% tailorable and are priced and designed in accordance with your budget and business objectives. Our associates have worked with employees of companies as diverse as Google, Facebook, RTE, Pioneer Investments, IBM and Synergy Worldwide among others.”

They’re launching their website officially soon, but in the mean time, if you’d like a taste of what they offer, join them for an evening of mindfulness with Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten this Wednesday April 15th, 7.30pm in The Sandymount Hotel.

“Whether you are feeling stressed or simply looking for a deeper understanding of this incredibly valuable life-skill, you will love sharing an evening session with this deeply qualified mindfulness leader. This is designed to be a taster session before our 6-part mindfulness program begins in May.”

Over the hour and a half, Thubten will cover:

  • An explanation of mindfulness meditation, its methods and benefits.
  • We will explore the psychology of stress, and methods for transforming our awareness, attitudes and relationships.
  • And of course, we will experience a mindfulness practice.

This is a fundraising event for Kagyu Samye Dzong Scarborough. Tickets are €20. Please contact on either 083 1689 187 or info@corporatewellbeinginstitute.com to book a place.

About Thubten:

Thubten is a senior monk from the West’s largest and oldest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Samye Ling in Scotland. He has been a monk for 22 years and has spent over five years in intensive meditation retreats. He is the director of three centres, KSD Scarborough, where he is establishing a centre for meditation, health and wellbeing, also of Samye Foundation Wales, a mindfulness charity, and ROKPA Switzerland, a humanitarian aid charity active in Nepal, Africa and the Tibetan areas of China. He teaches mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist philosophy internationally, and has significant experience teaching at large companies such as Google, Clifford Chance, as well as in organisations such as hospitals, addiction rehab, prisons and schools.

Further details >

If you wish to book a mindfulness session with Thubten for your organisation or business you can do so by emailing/calling info@corporatewellbeinginstitute.com / 083 1689 187. His work is 100% for charity and the CWI doesn’t take any cut.  

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